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Programmatic Advertising

Smart Highly-Targeted
Audience Delivery for Marketers

At JLW Digital, we offer a diverse range of digital marketing products tailored to meet your campaign objectives. Connect with consumers through display, mobile, video, social networks, mobile apps, and beyond. This not only streamlines your marketing efforts but also saves you both time and money. Reach out to us anytime to kickstart your next advertising campaign with our suite of products.


Mobile Hyper Local Targeting
(Geo Fencing)

JLW Digital’s hyper-local targeting empowers you to focus on users using real-time location data from smartphones and other GPS-enabled devices.

With Geo Fencing, you can pinpoint users in specific locations and target those within a designated radius of interest. This product also includes conquesting, enabling you to target locations of competitors.


Search Retargeting

Enhance your outreach to researchers by utilizing our industry-leading keyword-level search retargeting. This powerful tool allows advertisers to merge the efficiency of search with the expansive reach and brand influence of display, ensuring more frequent and effective connections.


Site Retargeting

JLW Digital’s site retargeting focuses on users who have previously visited your website, engaging with them as they explore other sites across the web. This method proves highly effective in transforming site visitors into customers.

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Contextual Targeting

Attract fresh customers by displaying ads that pique their interest in the content they’re currently engaged with. Contextual Targeting analyzes the category of the current page a user is viewing, delivering ads that are closely aligned or relevant to that content. This ensures viewers see only ads that match their interests, allowing you to serve valuable impressions to the most relevant audience.

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Targeted Video

Utilize targeted video ads to captivate new users on premium publishers. Targeted video proves to be an effective medium for reaching audiences on both desktops and mobile devices.


Programmatic Native

Experience a straightforward and scalable solution with Programmatic Native, adding a personalized touch to your advertising for a consistent narrative across various devices. This ad unit seamlessly integrates with the visual aesthetics of the webpage.



Advertisement for Digital Radio

JLW Digital provides compelling radio advertisements strategically delivered between songs, creating a two-way engagement that surpasses traditional radio methods.

Connect with attentive listeners during brief musical interludes as they eagerly anticipate the next song. Our audio ads come with an interactive visual component, enhancing overall engagement.


Advanced TV

Expand Your TV Advertising to Streaming Services

Quality TV content is accessible to viewers on a multitude of devices, from TVs to tablets, laptops, and smartphones, around every corner. We streamline device fragmentation and bring together all the components of your Advanced TV campaign, ensuring a seamless delivery to viewers, whether they are tuning in on their TV, tablet, laptop, smartphone, or a combination of these devices.


IP Retargeting

One-to-One, Multi-Platform Advertising with IP Retargeting

An IP address serves as a bridge connecting businesses and marketers to their customers and prospects through a fresh perspective on online advertising. Our precision in matching physical addresses to IP addresses, combined with advanced offline data onboarding capabilities and one-to-one marketing technology, facilitates multi-platform personalized interactions. Achieve targeted and individualized customer outreach with IP Targeting from JLW Digital.


Weather Targeting

Advertise to your customer base customized to their current needs

Enhance your advertising strategy with weather targeting, enabling you to activate ads according to specific weather conditions. Showcase your ads when the weather aligns with your product or services, and temporarily pause them when conditions are less conducive to clicks and sales.